Scientists are Attempting to Bring Back Extinct Wild Cattle

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Scientists are attempting to revive and extinct large cattle dubbed aurochs in order to insert them back into the wild regions of Europe. These beasts settled in Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Aurochs were found in ancient Mesopotamia cave paintings, thought they were soon killed out due to loss of habitat and overhunting in the middle ages, according to Mother Nature Network.

“The aurochs was part of an ecosystem,” Henri Kerkdijk, manager of the project, told Time magazine. “If you want to recreate the flora of the ecosystem, you also have to recreate the fauna.”

Bringing back the aurochs will be different than most other attempts to bring back extinct species. While most attempts utilities genetic engineering, the Taurus project will use crossbreeding (To produce an organism by the mating of individuals of different breeds, varieties, or species).  Ronald Goderie, an ecologist who directs the Taurus Project, in an interview with The Washington Post,  stated that it will likely be another 10 years before the group is successful at creating a modern-day aurochs.

“2022, Rewilding Europe hopes to convert as much as 2.4 million acres spread across 10 regions back to a natural state.explained Ronald Goderie in an interview with Modern Farmer, “Our aurochs will be only used to populate wild ecosystems in Europe. There’s not very much sense in starting the domestication

process all over again.”