Domino’s Testing Pizza Delivery Robot

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If you like ordering pizza delivery from Domino’s,don’t be surprised if you get your pizza delivered by a robot soon.“Domino’s has built their own pizza’ bot where it is weighing about 450 pounds, measuring 3ft in height, and named DRU. DRU has pizza hatches where it keeps the pizza, drinks, and other sides you order,” Lifehacker Australia reported. The DRU is completely safe in keeping your pizza from getting taken out of its hatch, it stays locked until you enter a code on your mobile, so pizza thieves stay away.

In terms of the robot’s hardware, it uses LIDAR sensors that examine the surface of something, it has a Gps to navigate the customer’s door. It covers 12 miles with a single charge. Lifehacker Australia refers to it as a, “$30k military-grade robot refitted for pizza deliveries.”

The pizza company has collaborated with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, to ensure that the robot is equipped to function properly as supposed to. It has certified to follow footpaths, trails, and bridges but, it is not allowed to go on highways. According to Lifehacker Australia, “The first Domino’s robot will then start making delivers in the next six months however, the robot will take two years before units are ready for our roads.