Artifical Intellegence Has Taken A Step Up With Computer Chips Partly Made of Brain Cells

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Imagine plugging a computer chip, partially made of real brain cells into your computer.  “As crazy as it sounds, that’s exactly what neuroscientist Osh Agabi is building. Koniku, Agabi’s startup, has developed a prototype 64-neuron silicon chip,” stated

“The human brain is the world’s most sophisticated computer, capable of learning new things on the fly, using very little data. It can recognize objects, understand speech, respond to change. Since the early days of digital technology, scientists have worked to build computers that were more like the three-pound organ inside your head,” reported Scientists have been longing for the discovery of a computer similar to the brain.

This computer chip is called a neurosynaptic chip. The chip emulates some of a brain’s features including memory and learning ability according to

There are so many ways scientists can use this chip. For instance, the creators of the chip are working on a drone with brain cells from a bee. The cells from the bee give the drone a sense of smell, so the drone can detect explosives, reported

The team of scientists creating the neurosynaptic chip had to solve three major problems. The first was recreating the structure of neurons. They were able to overcome this problem by creating a shell for each neuron to keep it in place. The two other problems holding them back were having to discover how to read and write within a neuron and stabilizing neurons according to

The silicon 1 millimeter chip holds approximately 16,000 electronic transistors and hundreds of capacitors, reported
“Scientists are breaking down the barriers between computers and the human body, going beyond thought control to extending the range and power of the human brain itself.” stated