The New Bloom Asthma Inhaler Awaiting Release

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“It started from a place of empathy for people with asthma. My brother had it growing up, as did one of my closest friends. Inhalers today are incredibly bulky and inconvenient. Being passionate about design and healthcare, I wanted to create something that could really improve people’s lives,” explains James Cazzoli the co-founder/CEO of the new prototype called the Bloom Inhaler.

The new design could change the way people think about caring their medication around and using it. Bloom uses the open mouth technique which is similar to using a breath spray. It is alike the old inhaler where you push and inale. “This technique is clinically proven to be equally effective at delivering precise doses deep into the lungs,” according to

The Bloom Inhaler holds six puffs of aerosol asthma medication and it can fit in a card slot inside a wallet. Asthmatics can carry the inhaler in the wallet they will be carrying anyway. This will allow them to leave the old one at home. “Bloom Inhaler works similarly, but instead holds a smaller dose of the medication in a smaller body,” explains

Bloom measures 2.1 inches across and 3.3 inches long. Since it is so small it is roughly the size as the thickness of around five credit cards according to and

“The most challenging, yet fulfilling aspect of developing Bloom, is the rigorous engineering we’re putting into the product. People trust their lives with their inhaler. We’re striving to exceed expectations and think even deeper than the FDA might in regards to safety and reliability,” according to James.

If the Bloom approved  by the FDA it will cost $40 USD and is expected to be available as soon as November, reported