Enflux Makes Exercise Clothing Smarter


Photo Cortesy Of coolwearable.com

Many of us may have smart phones, smart cars, and smart houses. Now athletes looking for that extra edge in their performance will be able to purchase Enflux smart clothing.

Enflux smart clothing has ten 3D motion sensors that record the motion of your body while you exercise, with an app that provides action feedback on how to improve your athletic performance, according to getenflux.com.

The Enflux uses ghost animation to measure an individual athlete’s performance.“We measure what really counts in fitness and sports – the movement of your entire body. We provide advanced exercise metrics, like range of motion, form efficiency, and more,” stated Doug Hoang. “You can see your weaknesses or strengths by reviewing your movement and comparing it against a ghost animation showing optimal movement.  Lastly, you can know if you need to lift more or less weight and determine which exercises to do from our actionable feedback.”

In comparison with other products of its type, Hoang sees the “price point” for Enflux of great value. “For the price point, you cannot find anything on the market that provides detailed form and actionable feedback,” stated Doug Hoang. “Moreover, this has a 2-week battery life and it is machine washable.”

The inspiration for Enflux came from the creator’s, Doug Hoang, need for a better training method as a triathlete.“I was training for a triathlon. I was spending a whole lot of time at the gym and not getting the results I wanted,” stated Hoang, in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “I also suffered some leg injuries in process”

Hoang’s background in technology development dovetailed with his passion for better athletic performance. “At the time, I had another startup making motion sensors for race cars, with my then and current business partner, Elijah Schuldt,” explained Hoang. “Also personal trainers are very expensive and often very inaccessible. So we started putting the motion sensors on my body and from there the idea was born. We want to make a personal trainer accessible to the masses.”

Enflux will be available through Kickstarter and for purchase on the Enflux website for the first year after the Kickstarter is successful. Enflux will cost $250 ($150 savings) for limited time only. The retail price is $399, but Kickstarter backers get it cheaper, according to Doug Hoang.