Attending a Virtual School? It Might be in Your Future

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It has been known that several companies, such as Sony, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Nvidia, HTC, Samsung, Intel and others, are investing billions of dollars in a familiar technology called Virtual Reality, or VR. Though it’s origin was gaming, there can be several different uses for this innovative device, from school, to film, to space exploration, according to One thing is for sure, VR will definitely change the world as we know it.

Going to school through VR may be a possibility in the near future. Through virtual reality, students can interact with their peers and teachers and even ask questions through the chat according to Everyone would get the best teachers, since one person could teach thousands of children at a time. Pop quizzes would appear on your screen when you least expect it.

Space Exploration will develop greatly through Virtual Reality, according to NASA has now put Oculus Rift to good use as a controller for a robotic hand. The agency combined the headset with a Kinect positional tracker so the operator could use the system to pick up blocks with a motorised arm.NASA reckons it’ll be able to use the technology to build remote controlled robots which will work on the International Space Station. Sandra Bullock is probably a little annoyed that the technology wasn’t invented before her low-earth orbit sojourn in Gravity.

Virtual Reality can also help people with phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other problems. It can recreate a war veteran’s memory and help them understand why things happened and so that they can analyze their own reactions to them, according to

The explosive growth in the user-base of VR will quickly create a large consumer demand for haptics devices, according to Haptics devices are clothing or objects that transmit touch. These devices can be anything from a glove that allows a user to grab and manipulate virtual objects to a suit and treadmill that allows a user to navigate a virtual environment and be affected by objects and other people, and affect other objects and people in a lifelike way.

The cost of the console for this technology is estimated to be $300 to $400 reported In addition, you will need the headset which is for sale right now through Samsung for $99, according to

On March 10th 2016, multiplayer was added to the VR program. Now you can create a profile and connect with your friends through VR. Using oculus social, you can create a room with your friends where you can chat, play games such as Herobound: Gladiators,  and watch movies. You can even share videos and pictures, according to Maybe someday world leaders will meet through VR.

The possibilities of virtual reality are endless. “It’s going to be interesting to see how things evolve in the VR environment,” stated Jeff Gattis, the executive director of global marketing for Vive, a VR company.