Disney Has a New Solar Farm in Orlando, Florida


Photo Cortesy of gossipextra.com

Disney’s new solar farm was built at Disney World in Orlando, Florida with the support of Duke Energy Corporation’s to build the 5 -megawatt solar facility spanning 20 acres and equipped with 48,000 solar panels.

“According to Orlando Sentinel, the solar farm is located near Epcot, the second of the four theme parks at Walt Disney World. Guests entering Epcot pass by the solar panels via World Drive, the road on the left, but of course, the hidden Mickey isn’t visible from the ground view.” wrote Huffington Post.

“The Reedy Creek Improvement District, the immediate governing jurisdiction for the resort, accepted a 15-year power agreement with Duke Energy, which published aerial imagery of the sit. Under this agreement, the corporation will lease the land from The Walt Disney Corporation and Disney will purchase the solar power from Duke.” stated Weather

“The impressive 5 megawatt alternative power complex contains a staggering 48,000 solar panels that form the head of everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse. Duke Energy Florida is said to have plans to advance similar solar technology throughout its service area to help foster renewable energy. The solar facility is equal to approximately 1,000 solar rooftop systems. From the ground, the facility probably wouldn’t impress you so much, unless you geek out at this type of thing. You would have a difficult time recognizing that what you’re seeing is actually a “hidden Mickey,” which Disney fanatics all over the world attempt to find on Disney property and media.” stated Gossipextra

“Although the 20-acre solar farm is a pretty enormous feat, it is not the largest hidden Mickey in existence. The biggest is a 60-acre forest located in Clermont, Florida, just east of U.S. Highway 27.” reported Forbes