Cycle Across the Sea on a Schiller Bike

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“It is an amazing feeling to be riding a bike across the water! No cars, no bike lanes, and no helmet,” Judah Schiller, the founder and CEO of Schiller Bikes in an interview with the Matador Messenger. “A great way to be in nature and for the first time ever; you can actually look down and see in the marine world below.”

Schiller became the first person in history to bike across the San Francisco Bay. After that, Judah has been working on designing a “waterbike” of his own, explained.

Schiller Bikes was founded on the belief that a blue planet is meant for biking. They want to give people of all athletic abilities the experience riding the world’s most advanced water bike, according to

The Schiller X1’s has an introductory price of $6,500. Schiller also expects hotels to be interested in buying the bikes so they can allow guests to use them, explains

“Right now we have a few customers in Newport and hope to have more at rental locations later this spring /summer,” stated Schiller.

With nearly one billion bikes around the globe built for land, Schiller Bikes wanted to focused on the new aquatic terrain, according to

The Schiller Bike was featured in the 27th season of the Amazing Race. Eleven teams of two raced and biked across the water. They did this with the Schiller Bike, according to CBS.

When Schiller decided to stop paying attention to press coverage, he had already counted several hundred articles published in 20 countries or more, explained.

Schiller shut down his design agency and went into startup mode, when he realized that there would be a market for a better bike and maybe even a huge market, stated.

Schiller has even more improvements planned for the bike.

“We are working on designing rigid, wave piercing hulls to increase overall top speed of the bike as well as a ‘cruiser’ model for laid back water biking,” Judah Schiller added.