Microsoft has Stopped Supporting Internet Explorer

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Microsoft has dropped its support for Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is the one of the first internet browsers, which was created by Microsoft to browse the internet on January 12th. According to, “Anyone who continues to use an out-of-date browser could put themselves at risk for malware and cyber attacks.”

Back in 2001, Internet Explorer 6 was released and panned, due to the many flaws and missing features compared to other web browsers at its time; from there, it went down hill. reported, “There is a lot of hate for Internet Explorer and Microsoft is aware of this.” Because of this, Microsoft created the new Microsoft Edge program that will replace Internet Explorer containing new features such as built-in note taking and having window’s virtual assistant, Cortana.

The death of Internet Explorer is not bad because, comparatively, its competitors are faster, are more protective, and generally better than Internet Explorer. explained, Though users have an “Automatic Updates” option in their operating system to relieve them from manually updating again and again, but still there are millions of users who are still going on with the obsolete versions.