Microsoft, Mojang Announce Minecraft: An Education Edition for Classrooms

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Photo Coutesy

Every child loves to play video games, who doesn’t? Would in it be better if they could play video games while learning at the same time in school? microsoft has made that possible by bringing the most favorite game of all, Minecraft.

“Microsoft has expanded the learning skills of children by putting in minecraft games in classrooms,” reported TC Davos news. This education-focused version of the game is used to teach students including STEM, history, language, and Art. “Minecraft is already used as a tool for encouraging kids to learn more about game designs and programming, among many other things, but MinecraftEdu is used in over 7,000 classrooms in more than 40 countries worldwide,” TC Davos news reported.

Microsoft company says that by having the students create virtual worlds in minecraft, they can learn a range of skills like, digital citizenship, empathy, social skills, and can even improve their literacy while, also getting real-time feedback from their teachers.

A website for Minecraft Education Edition is now live, offering lessons, educator forums and other resources also, teachers can sign up to get notifications when updates are listed. The BBC reports that, “Microsoft will start to charge annual fee of $5 for each student and teacher, which comes as low as it gets.