HemoPet: Greyhound Blood Donations and Adoptions


Photo Cortesy of hemopet.org

About 475,000 gallons of human blood is donated per year through organizations such as Red Cross to help save human lives, but, when it comes to canine blood transfusions, many veterinarians turn to HemoPet.

“We sell our blood products to many different clinics in Orange County. We produce over 4000 units of blood each year and probably 30%-40% are sold here in California,” reported Jennifer Lane, Blood Bank Administrator for HemoPet, an organization located in Garden Grove California, is a facility that adopts out greyhounds as well as collecting blood from them.

HemoPet specializes in greyhounds because greyhounds have been proven the universal donor for all dog breeds, without cross-matching the blood.

According to hemopet.org, HemoPet is dedicated to providing the highest quality laboratory diagnostic work and expert interpretation of data. This service is available to all veterinarians worldwide and to all of the individual animal owners through their veterinary services. HemoPet has participated in the regular Endocrinology Proficiency Testing from the Veterinary Laboratory Association Quality Assurance Program (VLA-QAP) since 2008.

Hemopet established the first private non-profit animal blood bank in 1991. “Hemopet supplies about 40% of the nation’s blood products for canines.  All of our blood is also universal, meaning that it can go into any dog with any blood type without having to be cross-matched, which can be lifesaving in emergency situations when you don’t have time to wait,” stated Lane.

Hemopet has a full-service, licensed blood bank that provides state-of-the-art components and supplies for blood transfusions to veterinary clinics nationwide. They strive to make transfusion medicines practical, safe, and affordable.

Hemopet also sponsors greyhound adoption.  “I would like people to know that they are such sweet loving dogs.  They are not high maintenance.  Even though they grew up racers they are really big couch potatoes,” stated Lane.

“They sleep about 22 hours a day and are happy just relaxing on the couch and hanging out.  They are sprinters, so they may run around and play for about 5 to 10 minutes and then they just want to curl up and relax.  They make great apartment dogs because they don’t take up much room and don’t need a backyard.”

“Right now we have about 30 – 40 dogs up for adoption.  They each have different personalities and needs.  We small dog, cat and kid test all of our dogs.  Some of our dogs can live as only dogs and some need another canine buddy to live with.  We match dogs to people’s lifestyle,” reported Lane.

For more information go to hemopet.org, or visit them at 11561 Salinaz Avenue
Garden Grove, CA.