Top 10 Tech Gadgets of 2015

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From the start of the year to the end of the end of the year many leading developers have introduced the beginning to a world of tech.

10) Ricoh Theta S- $350

This 360 degree camera will allow you to take up to 25 minutes of 360 video and you can even live stream your videos to popular streaming sites such as You Now. The 360 camera will allow you to have a 360 degree video by clicking or dragging if you’re on a PC. You can tilt your apple device or drag on your android.It dosent stop there, if you have a VR headset you can look around.

9) Jaybird X2-$150

“Wireless earbuds have really started to become popular and these are definitely the best you are going to find on the market,” stated CNN.

For $150 you can’t really go wrong considering  that beats by dre wireless earbuds cost $200 and sound terrible compared to the Jaybird X2.

8)Sensel Morph-$250

If you’re a lover of drawing the Sensel Morph touch pad is a great buy for you. It can turn into any kind of object you can think of like a piano, drums, a keyboard, or a video game controller. “The Sensel morph has a multi-touch support and also is pressure-sensitive,” stated Gizmag. The Sensel Morph touchpad is ideal for students, cartoonists, artists etc.  7)Trunkster-$325

When you first think of  would think of. However, there is a luggage bag that has to do with tech. The trunkster is a luggage bag that can charge your phone, has a GPS tracker so that you can locate your luggage if you can’t find it or it has been stolen. Along with tech this luggage bag doesn’t have any zippers. Instead, the luggage bag has a garage door open lid.

6) Sharp LV-85001-$130,000

4K televisions and cameras have recently been available to the public but know there is an 8K television . “8K offers twice as much resolution as 4K,” stated CNN. However, there are almost no videos that have 8K resolution.“Anticipating the coming 8K era, to meet a variety of high-quality display needs, it is the flagship model.

5) Microsoft Hololens-$3,000

After the oculus rift came out last year there have been many competitors such as google cardboard. Consequently, microsoft has released a new product to the public known as the hololens. “Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully untethered, holographic computer, enabling high-definition holograms to integrate with your world,” reported  The hololens will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2016.

4)Google Chromecast-$35

“Google’s new crop of streaming video players have better streaming quality than the old Chromecasts. That will help improve the image quality, particularly for giant screens,” stated CNN. The chromecast also features a magnetic back so it doesn’t get mixed with your cables For $35, you can’t go wrong with buying the new chromecast.


Having a very stressful day, the Thync device is a perfect buy for you. It is a wireless device that zaps your brain, promising to make you calmer of more energetic. “All you have to do is mount the device onto your head and then it will beam with low-level electricity currents,” stated

2)Jamstik + smart guitar- 300$

 Are you good at Guitar Hero but don’t even have a single clue of how to play an actual guitar? Well the Jamstik makes learning a guitar easier than a video game. “There’s also an app with interactive guitar lessons connecting to the Jamstik via bluetooth,” stated “Although, this device is only suited for IOS but, they are trying to bring it to all platforms including Android and Windows,” reported CNN.

1) iPhone 6S-$650

The iPhone 6S is probably one one of the best tech gadgets of 2015. It’s the first phone to have a pressure sensitive touch. Sensitive touch is how forcefully you press down on your phone’s glass. The new iPhone is also able to play live photos which basically gives you the ability to record a small portion of video before and after the actual photo.