Common Diamonds Found Deep in the Earth


New research that scientist from the John’s Hopkins University (JHU),  have discovered alternative model for how diamonds form. If their model happens to be correct, then this would prove that the diamond formation could happen like this all the time deep in Earth. “In addition to being woefully inaccessible the diamonds are to be practically microscopic. Until now, it was generally thought that diamonds require complex chemical reactions called redox,” stated the Washington Post.

Redox reactions, also known as Reduction and Oxidation, loss and gains of electrons as in different kinds of fluids that move through rocks. But according to a new study,”Simple changes in acidity, can can make a diamond formation,” said Johns Hopkins University geochemist Dimitri Sverjensky, in a statement as reported in

“The new model suggests that at very high temperatures and high pressures of water can form diamonds naturally as it moves from one kind of rock to another,” Bloomberg News reported. If these diamonds are forming, they are  forming around 100 miles below the surface. That is  more than 10 times deeper than any drilling exploration has ever gone, added the source.

“Researchers hope that their model can be used to study wider interactions between deep fluids and rock, helping other scientists to better understand the way our Earth’s interior has evolved over time,” the Washington Post reported.