Cloudready Bring Old Computers Back from the Dead

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Created by Neverware, a 5 year-old company, Cloudready is bringing our dusty computers back from the dead with its Chromium OS operating system according to,

“Lightweight install, great performance & automatic updates on machines up to 8 years old,” claimed the website.

 “To use it, simply copy CloudReady to a USB stick and use it to install Chromium OS on an old machine.” “The program is built with schools in mind, although there is a version for individuals,”, explained.

Schools, however, can take advantage of additional tech support and automatic updates,” commented “Schools can opt for an annual license of $25 per machine or a lifetime license of $59 per machine, which includes four years of technical support. (Neverware estimates that Cloudready adds at least four years to a computer’s life,)” claimed

The general public will be charged  $15 for a year and a $35 fee for setup for the service, reported.

The program uses the browser exclusively, so the operating system has less strain on it creating a fast and efficient experience. Jonathan Hefter, the 25 year old creator of this program and the founder of the company said that almost 30 school districts have purchased this product for use on their computers.

“Perhaps it was a little naive of me to think that these companies would want to hear about ideas that could hurt their businesses,” Hefter told “But to me, if you’re just protecting the status quo, if you are no longer concerned about innovation, then you don’t deserve to be setting tech policy for the rest of us.” Neverware has earned 6 million dollars and is preparing to make cloudready accessible in most countries including Australia and Brazil, added the source.