Tiny Brained Human Found


An alleged species of human being named, Homo naledi with a miniscule brain was found by a South African scientist in a secluded cave, reported on September 21, 2015. Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum said, “Naledi was a very important discovery.”

Stringer told BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), “What we are seeing is more and more species that suggest nature was experimenting with how to evolve humans, thus giving rise to several different human-type creatures in parallel in different parts in Africa. Only one line eventually survived to give rise to us.”

Male and female skeletons have  been found, infants to elderly. “This find is showing us the process of evolution and how we were created. With the information we are receiving, we will soon be able to see approximately when the children were born, and track their development,” Stringer added.

This species has both modern and early human features, The skeletal remains of the feet that were found resemble those that we have today, the structure lead us to believe this species walked on two feet. Additionally, the shape of it’s skull and small teeth give it the qualification of being a human, and evidence of evolution, added the BBC.