Microsoft Hololens Review

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Microsoft previewed the brand new piece of hardware on Wednesday. HoloLens is Microsoft’s foray into the virtual reality market. In its unique spin on VR, Microsoft has developed goggles that offer an augmented — or “mixed” — reality experience. Unlike Facebook’s Oculus Rift, which blocks out the outside world to fully immerse the wearer in another reality, HoloLens keeps one foot (and both eyes) firmly planted in the real world, stated

The lenses of the goggles are transparent, your view of the space around you only selectively blocked by digital images that can mingle with real objects. For example, an interior designer can move around a real room and rearrange virtual 3-D pieces of furniture too see how they will look, even placing a virtual vase on a real shelf.

To manipulate something in the HoloLens World, you use hand gestures, which are picked up by cameras on the front of the device. The single wiggle of an index finger can drop a flag on the surface of Mars or select a color for your 3-D sculpture. The cursor is always at the center of your view, moving when you move your head. Microphones pick up voice commands that bring up menus, according to

The goggles are wireless and don’t need to be tethered to any device, so while they’re meant for home or office use, they wearer is able to roam freely. The speakers play “spacial” sound, so sounds might seem like it’s coming from behind or beside you, adding to the virtual reality experience.

Planned to be released along with Windows 10,these