Apple Watches Sales Reach 2.5 Million

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Its smart. Its sleek. Its expensive, and the question remains, how many smartwatches has Apple sold so far? No one has any official figures, yet, but there are plenty of analysts and industry watchers willing to have a guess at an estimate. According to Slice Intelligence, 2.5 million Apple Watches have been ordered, with over half of those placed on the first day. Since then, demand has been much lower, with orders usually remaining under 30,000 per day. There was a small jump in sales when the first shipments started, but generally speaking demand has stayed mostly flat.

The supply of Apple products often falls short of demand when the company rolls out its next new thing. And that’s no different with the Apple Watch. Earlier this month, Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores, acknowledged “strong customer demand will exceed our supply at launch”, stated an article on

The company has sold “a lot, but not enough,” stated Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President of Apple.The business firm Strategy Analytics believes Apple will ship 15.4 million Apple Watch units in 2015, giving the company 54.8 percent of the global smartwatch market and bumping down Samsung to second place. The Apple Watch could help raise awareness for other watches, bringing all smartwatch shipments this year to 28.1 million, reported

Strength in emerging markets — especially Greater China, which passed the US to become the company’s biggest iPhone market and passed Europe to become Apple’s second-biggest sales market overall — buoyed the company’s financial results, stated