Comparing MacBooks: the Air, the Pro, and the MacBook

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You may have been indecisive on the MacBook lineup, but now we are here to make that decision just a little bit easier.

First, if you are in to video editing/ gaming and graphic design you will definitely want to go with the MacBook Pro with Retina display. “The Pro will be more powerful than the MacBook. Word documenting isn’t very intensive, so outside of storage space the pages documents wouldn’t need much consideration,” explained Shannon, a member of the Tech support group for Apple.

“For battery it depends on use,” explains Shannon. If you need a small and portable laptop that will last you at least a few hours you should definitely go with the MacBook Air. The base of the Airs, their battery will last you at least 9 hours depending on what you’re doing. Although if you are working with video editing/ gaming the Airs may suffer.

This new MacBook has up to 9 hours of battery life.  The portability of this device is excellent, with weighing only 2 pounds and being as thin as 13.1 mm. This computer is for word documents and light internet browsing. There’s also three different color configurations with this computer including gold, silver, and space gray.

If you are into video editing and gaming the Pro is for you. If you need portability and many hours of power then the Airs are the way to go. Bright color and light weight, The new MacBook is great for documents and surfing the web.