Use the Force (Field)

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Boeing has been given a patent for a force field-like defense system, leading excited sci-fi fans to believe in something that previously seen only in the world of Star Wars or Star Trek film. Filed in 2012, the US Patent Office has granted the aerospace company a patent for a “system for shock-wave attenuation via electromagnetic arc”, stated

           The patent describes a system that would detect the shockwave from a nearby explosion and create an area of ionized air, a plasma field, between the oncoming blast and the vehicle it was protecting. In simpler terms what happens is a sensor in the system realizes that there has been an explosion. After it senses this the machine sends out a laser microwave that superheats the air around the target and somehow stops the shockwave from damaging, or potentially killing the target, according to

With a system this complicated, it will take quite a bit of time for Boeing to push its force field technology from patent application to deployment. But the fact that it’s working on such a breakthrough means there could come a day when the threat of improvised explosive devices to our troops is vastly lessened.