SnapJet : Kickstarter Product Makes Printing Photos from Phone a “Snap”

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With a press of one button printing a high  resolution photo from your Smartphone may as soon become a reality with a SnapJet, a Kickstarter funded company providing innovated and trendy technology options.

SnapJet is advertised as, “The world’s first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer.” SnapJet only requires the consumer to press one button to print and works with any Smartphone.

SnapJet is a device that turns Smartphone devices into a Polaroid film printer. Simply put the phone on top of the device and then push one button and a Polaroid picture comes out.

By printing on film, the image comes from color calibrated displays, so SnapJet’s resolution and color matching is “very good”. The team of designers created a new way to print images that produced good quality. Prices for the product range from $130 to $300 based on SnaoJet’s website.

“Both my brother and I came up with the idea. We were just talking about gadgets and came to the conclusion that Smartphone’s can replace most functions of traditional desktop PCs except for printing”, stated co-founder Isaac Degani.

This product has a team of 8 people: Ismail Degani, Isaac Degani, Les Orton, Marc Palmano, Jason Jagdeo, Beth Jacques, David Welker, and Emily Friz. All these people have contributed to the production of SnapJet.

Currently a Kickstarter funded project, this new founded company only has plans to fulfill Kickstarter rewards. After this the team will start selling through and their own website. They are open to selling in retail stores after fulfillment is complete. In reviewing the product, The Gadget Show ( posted, “Magic or just plain genius?”