Gadgets and Gizmos: Holiday Gifts that are Wallet Friendly and Fun

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Holiday budgets are tight. Thankfully, this year there are plenty of gadgets and gizmos that won’t put a strain on your wallet and are perfect for friends or family.

Starting the list there is Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones. At an estimated price of $32.69 and color choices of black, white, pink, red, and green, this will sure please any music lover.

Second, there is the Tylt Energi 2K. At $39.99 this double-duty standard USB charger (with fold away prongs) and external battery pack, this little contraption is certain to keep your phone or mobile device alive all day long.

As one of the cheapest Apple products on the market, the iPod Shuffle is a great present with many uses. Priced at about $150 retail and a wide color assortment this little gadget will keep you shuffling all day long.

The Logitech X100 is a compact, hockey-puck-size wireless Bluetooth speaker that has a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and offers decent enough sound for its size. It’s nicely designed, has speakerphone capabilities, and a line input for non-Bluetooth devices reasonably priced at $42.39

Lastly for the forgetful people you know and love there is Tile. While Tile doesn’t have GPS real-time location information, the app does automatically record the last place your phone saw your Tile. If you have to retrace your steps, it’s good to know where to start walking. Priced at only $25 and with a sleek simple design, you wont have to sacrifice your items looks.