“This is Why I Am Broke”: Crazy and Ingenious Products on the Internet


Many products that are sold in retail stores may catch one’s eye for a moment, something humorous or clever, but savvy shoppers using the Internet  can find items that are even funnier and smarter than anything you’d usually see in the real world at a  website called www.thisiswhyimbroke.com.

On this website, items  are clever, stylish, and humorous. Items under the ‘Clever’ category include Portable Nightlight Globes. These glowing spheres can be put anywhere, and come in seven colors, each of which fades to darkness through a period of 30 minutes to help ease you into sleep.

Purchasing the Endless Edges Brownie Pan will eliminate those family  fights for the brownies with the edge crust. Each brownie in this special pan is equally delicious (if you can cook adequately.)

The Convertible Futon Bunk Bed is a stylish sofa which converts into a modern bunk bed in a couple of  easy steps.

Chalkboard wall paint will allow you to let your creativity go crazy on your bedroom walls after applying this paint to them. Drawings and notes will come off easily, leaving room for more.

Three Player Chess allows you to ally yourself with another person to defeat a clever foe, and then face each other in the ultimate battle of the board.

Boggle your own mind with the X-Cube, a stranger, more frustrating version of the Rubiks cube, with more layers and difficulty.

Finally,  a solution to an everyday problem. The Toothpaste Wringer is the perfect gift for a money-wise relative to get every last drop.

Other clever items offered on the website  include the Multiple Grocery Bag Holder, the Ultrasonic
Levitation Machine, the Poolside Rock Climbing Wall, and The Dashboard Heads Up Display. All are perfect possible purchases to impress others this holiday season or perhaps are just  too clever to give away.