It’s a Car, a Plane, a Helicopter. It’s a Krossblade !

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Krossblade Aerospace

Not since the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft near Kitty Hawk has the competition been so intense.  The technology that can give us the world’s first affordable and easily pilot -able flying car is almost here.

But just like the early days of flight, there are several schools of thought about which model will be the most efficient, workable and worthy of being the template for the future, stated

“For me, it has to be like vertical take-off and landing,” stated Daniel Lubrich, managing director of Krossblade Aerospace Systems. His team has created the concept for a hybrid five-seat transformer airplane called “SkyCruiser”, according to Looking like a Toyota Prius plane crossed with one of Batman’s “Bat Jets”, this hybrid may be future of transportation.

On the ground its 31 foot wing span miraculously folds back, the car itself can go up to 75 mph. With a total length of 81 feet, don’t expect this contraption to parallel park easily, according to

The  five-passenger SkyCruiser design combines the fold out rotors with a hybrid electric drive,” according to “There are four 80 bhp electric motors running the four main rotors, plus another four 10 bhp rotors to providing stability in crosswinds. According to Krossblade, the smaller rotors can accelerate faster than the larger ones, so they can respond faster to sudden gusts.”

This vehicle can take passengers door to door without needing a conventional airfield, according to “The SkyCruiser would have a cruising speed of 314 mph (505 km/h), a stall speed of 100 mph (160 km/h) in fixed-wing mode, be able to carry 1,003 lb (455 kg) of payload, and have a range of 1,006 mi (1,620 km) with five passengers,” according to the company.

Although the SkyCruiser is still in the developmental stages, Krossblade has begun work on SkyProwler, a smaller version “which has the same VTOL capability, but uses a H configuration for the rotors for easier transformation into quadcopter mode, and has a cruising speed of 55 mph (90 km/h),” according to the Krossblade.

No price or delivery date for either the SkyProwler or SkyCruiser has been announced at this time.