Plane Landing After 22 Months of Classified Space Mission?

Plane Landing After 22 Months of Classified Space Mission?


Taking off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, December 11, 2012 the X-37B is landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Tuesday October 13, according to CNN.

Although it has been orbiting earth for over 22 months, no one is quite sure what it has been doing in space. Rumors include that the plane could be used a spy mechanism to listen on other nations or to hijack other spy planes. Officials say that the reason as to why the plane was up there is classified information according to CNN

However, this isn’t the only time that the plane has been up in the solar system. The X-37B has already orbited earth two times, this being its third time. The third time the plane was up there it broke the world record by being up in space for 671 days, as reported by

The X-37B spacecraft is 29 feet, three inches long and nine feet, six inches high with a wingspan of 14 feet and 11 inches, and weighs about 5.5 tons. Some say it works a lot like a spy plane, hence the rumors about it, according to CNN.