Wireless Technology: No Plug? No Problem.

Technology would allow for redesign and improved efficiency and practicality of mobile products.

“Katie Hall’s ideal home doesn’t have electrical outlets, but the structure she envisions will be outfitted with the same kinds of appliances found in just about any modern dwelling. The electronics—like wide-screen TVs, refrigerators, computers and lights—will all be powered by energy transmitted wirelessly from inside the walls,” described Tuan C. Nguyen from www.smithsonianmag.com.

Wireless electricity isn’t a new concept – it was publicly demonstrated over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla – but has remained elusive in broad commercial applications, reported www.dailytimes.com.uk.

Even though plans for that structure were scrapped after investors pulled the plug on funding, a startup named WiTricity, where Hall serves as chief technology officer, hopes to extrapolate from that vision by developing a new technology that may allow us to finally do away with plugs altogether stated www.smithsonianmag.com.

Creating technology using wireless electricity could “open the door” to changing the functionality of mobile electronic devices, reports CNN Tech.

“WiTricity is now working with a medical company to recharge a left-ventricular assist device — ‘a heart-pump, essentially,’ ” CNN Tech explains.

“The idea of eliminating cables would allow us to re-design things in ways that we haven’t yet thought of, that’s just going to make our devices and everything that we interact with, that much more efficient, more practical and maybe even give brand new functionality,” Katie Hall explained to CNN Tech.