New Cassette Tape Could Hold 47 Million Songs

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Sony’s record- breaking magnetic tape technology allows 180 terabytes of data on a single cartridge. That’s the same amount of storage equivalent to 1,184 Apple iPod Classics, which can hold approximately 40,000 songs. Using these figures, technically Sony could now store approximately 47.3 million songs in a 1 7/8 inch long by 43 millimeter tall device, according to CNN.

The cartridge stores 148 GB of data per inch of tape, has room for 3,700 Blu-ray discs full of your favorite movies. The number broke the standing record, set in 2010 when Fuji developed a tape that could hold 35 terabytes of data. The technology of a cassette tape involves shrinking the microscopic magnetic particles on tape that stores data. On average, the new particles are 7.7 nanometers wide. There are ten nanometers in one centimeter, according to Sony.

Recording data and retrieving data from tapes takes a lot longer than digital storage devices. It’s a lot more likely that these new cassette tapes will back up large data bases than to save, play, or use personal collections.