New Flying Wind Turbine Doubles as a Wi-Fi Connection

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“It’s safe and reliable,” said Adam Rein, the Altaeros Energies co-founder about the new Bouyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) prototype that will supply power to local houses reported.

The Altaeros Energies company received a grant of $1.3 million from the Alaska Energy Authority. The company then was allowed to test out their BAT. Residents that live in the rural areas of Alaska pay high prices for energy. Thanks to the BAT, the Altaeros company will be able to distribute the $17 billion remote powered BAT stated.

In addition to the now low-costing energy, the turbines will be able to provide internet connections, telephone service, and weather data to communities reported. The mechanism filled with helium will rise 1,000 feet above the Alaska land. The BAT can also reach heights of 50,000 feet.

“Places like Alaska are perfect for these systems we developed,” Rein said. “At these sites, you have cold, rugged conditions where the ground is frozen which makes it difficult to put up regular turbines. If we can demonstrate that [BAT] can work in Alaska, it can work anywhere for more or less the same cost of setting up other turbines,” stated