Nokia Lumia 520 Saves Officer

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As the military is working world-class body suits formed from Kevlar and ground up quartzite, an off-duty Sao Paulo policeman was saved from a bullet by his Nokia Lumia Smartphone according to


According to a Globo report, an officer was on his way to his mother’s house wash his uniform and was confronted with two robbers holding his parents hostage. The two robbers were looting the house, and when they saw his uniform, they opened fire upon the officer.


One of the rounds hit a neighbor’s gate, while another hit the officer in the buttocks. Thankfully he wasn’t injured because “the phone in his pocket deflected the bullet,” Tech Times reports.


Unfortunately, the robbers made off with cell phones, watches, jewelry, and money. Although the São Paulo State Military Police pursued the suspects, they could not find them. The officer’s Lumia 520 may have saved his life, or at least, saved him from having an ugly mark near his buttock Digital Trends reported.