Public Votes for Next NASA Spacesuit Design

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“Space is cool. Shouldn’t spacesuits be?” stated NASA’s Amy J. Ross the lead for advanced pressure garment development in an interview with Cori Anne Natoli from NASA released three different designs for the next spacesuit the Z-2. The Z-2 is the latest spacesuit design improving upon the previous design the Z-1. The voting concluded on April 15th, and The winning suit will be announced on April 30th.

The three  designs included are  Biomimicry , Technology, and Trends in Society; each with a different characteristic color. Each suit has glowing patches made of electroluminescent wire along the chest and around the helmet used to help identify other teammates while in space.

Each suit also has a specific color. for the electroluminescent wire Biomimicry has a white glow, Technology has a blue glow, and Trends in Society has a yellow glow.   The suit will go through multiple tests in a vacuum chamber and a series of test will be at a full vacuum where it will imitate the full lack of atmosphere in space.   To see the results you can go to  and make sure that you go back on the 30th to see the result announcement.