68 Things You May Not About Minecraft

Photo courtesy of planetminecraft.com

Minecraft is a very popular game throughout the whole world. As of now, 14,764,702 people have purchased Minecraft, but there are still many people who have this game illegally. This brings it up to approximately 20 million people who own Minecraft according to www.minecraft.net. However, there are many things these gamers don’t know about Minecraft. Here are 68 facts that you may not know about Minecraft.


  1. In multiplayer, gamer-tags can’t be seen through chests.
  2. If a saddle is put on a pig, and the pig put in a mine cart, it will automatically move quickly on its own
  3. Pumpkin stems always face northwest.
  4. If “F3” and “B” are pressed on a keyboard, hit boxes become visible.
  5. A boat placed on land will destroy snow.
  6. Giant Mushroom Blocks can be used as a fuel source in a furnace.
  7. One block of glass can absorb almost all damage from TNT.
  8. To equip armor faster, it can be right-clicked while at hand.
  9. Chickens can be bred with not only wheat, but pumpkin seeds and nether warts.
  10. Water does not affect paintings
  11. Cauldrons slowly collect water in the rain.
  12. Redstone dust is invisible when viewed from below.
  13. Water streams can be swum up through chests.
  14. When “F3” and “H” are pressed, a tool’s durability and item ID can be viewed.
  15. Fish are more likely to be caught in the rain.
  16. Items bounce when dropped on stairs.
  17. If ice or packed ice is placed under soul sand, it causes movement to reduce even more.
  18. Fall damage is determined by the number of blocks high minus three; the max height without dying is 22.
  19. Throwing a potion at the face is more effective than at the ground or feet.
  20. Pistons can make cakes disappear.
  21. Clocks and compasses can be used in a crafting table even if they aren’t crafted yet.
  22. Skeletons and zombies don’t burn in sunlight while standing on soul sand.
  23. Cauldrons can make dyed leather armor un-dyed.
  24. To make an easy, one-block, square lake, place water going completely diagonal from one corner to another one.
  25. If a bunch of one type of item is spread about the inventory, double-click it to quickly collect it.
  26. To transfer many stacks of the same item, pick up a stack, hover over another one (of the same), hold “shift” and double-click.
  27. When on fire, jumping into a cauldron puts out the fire.
  28. If a carrot on a stick is equipped while riding a pig, double-click to control it while using another item.
  29. If a weakness potion and a golden apple are given to a zombie villager, the villager can be healed. During the five-minute healing process, the zombie villager has strength II.
  30. Chests can’t be opened with dirt on them, but when the dirt is tilled (using a hoe), the chest can be opened.
  31. Baby zombies are faster than regular zombies and don’t burn in sunlight.
  32. Mobs can’t spawn in mushroom biomes during the day or night, with the exception of Mooshrooms.
  33. To quickly clear all items in the inventory, Shift-click the “destroy item X”.
  34. Cacti can be used to delete items, like lava.
  35. In multiplayer while next to another player holding a compass, their compass will move in the same direction as one in the inventory.
  36. Lightning turns pigs into zombie pigmen, and creepers into charged creepers.
  37. Zoomed out maps can be acquired by placing the map in the center of a crafting table and surrounding it with paper.
  38. Sheep can eat grass through carpet.
  39. In the multiplayer server list, “shift” can be used along with the arrow keys to move the position of servers.
  40. Sugarcane can grow underwater.
  41. When riding a pig, they can climb ladders and vines.
  42. Cakes can be placed on cacti.
  43. Nether stars are immune to explosions.
  44. TNT can be lit on fire without detonating by shift-clicking the top of it.
  45. A dog’s health can be determined by the height of its tail. The higher the tail, the more health it has.
  46. Meat can be used to heal dogs and raise their tails.
  47. Cobwebs don’t slow down an arrow at full speed.
  48. Zombies and skeletons don’t burn in sunlight while in cobwebs.
  49. The “Looting” enchantment not only works on swords, but for bows too.
  50. Zombie pigmen sometimes trade their gold swords for another type of sword.
  51. Squids can take fall damage.
  52. If an invisibility potion is used on a dog, its collar is still visible.
  53. Ocelots don’t take fall damage.
  54. When viewed from below, the legs on a bed are invisible.
  55. Rain hurts snow golems.
  56. Blazes do not fire at players when trapped in cobwebs.
  57. Fall damage still applies even if a mine cart is driven into water.
  58. The “jeb_” nametag changes a sheep’s wool color.
  59. The “Grumm” or “Dinnerbone” nametag flips any mob upside-down.
  60. A bomb that can deal massive damage can be created by using 20 or more TNT mine carts on the same track. When they are pushed off, a huge explosion will follow.
  61. When ice is broken, the water will not flow.
  62. Tools can be repaired in a player’s inventory or in a crafting table by placing two tools with a low durability next to each other. They fuse into one tool with an additional 10% durability bonus.
  63. Zombie Pigmen actually do burn in sunlight, but since they are fireproof, they just randomly catch on fire.
  64. A zombie or skeleton wearing a helmet does not burn in sunlight.
  65. Lava buckets in a furnace can melt around 100 items as a fuel source. This is the most items that can be melted in a furnace in Minecraft.
  66. A bow at full power will destroy a boat.
  67. Snow golems just wear a pumpkin as a hat, but their true face can be revealed beneath it.
  68. When spawn eggs are renamed, whatever they spawn will come with that name.