Tesla Wants to Replace Side-View Mirrors with Cameras


photo courtesy of mediamatters.org

On the same day that federal regulators announced that all new vehicles weighing 10,000 pounds or less may be equipped with back-up cameras beginning May 1, 2018, the car maker Tesla wanted to replace their side-mirrors with high-tech cameras to improve the vehicles aerodynamics and fuel performance according to pcmag.com.


The automakers Tesla and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers are calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to change the 1968 rule which requires passenger vehicles to have a mirror on the door and another on the windshield so they could replace cameras with the mirrors Wired reported.


The alliance started a petition with the NHTSA which came one day after the NHTSA announced that rearview cameras would be mandatory on all new cars beginning in 2018. Their argue is that it would increase safety by providing a wider view and increasing fuel efficiency according to digitaltrends.com.


“Side mirrors do impact vehicle aerodynamics and fuel economy of vehicles and if deemed a safe alternative to conventional mirrors, the use of cameras could help in reducing fuel consumption,” Says Don Anair of the Union of Concerned Scientists according to Wired.