Chinese Make “Invisibility” Tech


            The Chinese have invented a new invisibility technology for small creatures that will eventually be sized up for military air planes.

            This new technology doesn’t just make you invisible to radar but also the naked eye, (Fox News.)  The idea of this technology is to create electromagnetic fields to direct light away when trying to hide, according to South China Morning Post.  The device is made of hexagonal glass like panels, according to South China Morning Post.

Researches are stationed at Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Science.  They believe that this new technology can be use for more then just military use, and with further research it could lead to more technology breakthroughs, according to South China Morning Post.

Professor Chen Hongsheng at Chine’s Zhejiang University demonstrated this device by making a fish invisible, according to Fox News.  The Professor team is one of 40 being founded by the Chinese government.