iPad Air

Photo courtesy of classthink.com

Photo courtesy of classthink.com

“We’re often faced with a paradox when we design, to make products smaller and lighter, while at the same time more powerful,” acknowledged Jony Ive, the senior Vice President in design. The new iPad Air has been revealed on November 1st, with new features, lighter weight, and a thinner design that will impress previous iPad customers.

This new apple device will feature ios 7, and will include the new A7 chip, which improves performance and also results in double the wi-fi speed. It will also weight just one pound, a one-third pound improvement from the previous generation, according to apple.com.

“With the iPad, we set out to redefine mobile computing. Up until now, 64 bit architecture was something you would normally find in desktop computers. The new, Apple designed, A7 chip brings 64-bit technology, all of its advanced computing graphics to this ultra-portable, one-pound device,” said Dan Riccio, Apple’s Senior Vice president in hardware engineering. The iPad’s features brought from desktop computers will help buyers with many different types of jobs.

The iPad air will cost from $500 to $800 depending on how many gigabytes the device carries. It has been released for sale in stores on November 1st.