Color, Yet Another Reason to Love the iPhone

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“Because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do,” said Apple Creator, Steve Jobs. Apple Inc. sold nine million new iPhones during their first three days according to The new iPhone offers new colors such as pink, blue, white, yellow, and green. The iPhone 5c is like the 5 but with variety of colors, better battery life, and it’s so much faster according to

The iPhone 5c is a touch screen smart phone created by Apple. According to the iPhone has 8MP iSight camera, 4-inch retina display, and the new amazing iOS7, which is an update to Apple’s mobile system.

As per the rumors, Apple announced the iPhone 5c their new alternative and cheaper smart phone. So what is the difference between it and the iPhone 5? Well, the iPhone 5c is basically the iPhone 5 but wrapped up in a polycarbonate plastic casing and is a little bigger and heavier, according to The camera is 8MP, which is the same as the iPhone 5 but with various features including square shots and Instagram style filters. The iPhone 5 will have those edits with the iOS7, added the website.

According to’s website, the new iPhone has a bigger screen, a better LTE network, and an improved camera. The 16 GB is now at $549.99 without the two year contract, but with the two year agreement it is at $99.99, 32 GB $649.99. The iPhone 5c has all the things that made the iPhone 5 amazing- and more. According to, the iPhone the same features but in a completely different design.