Smartwatches: Coming to a Wrist Near You


 Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
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Samsung electronics released their Galaxy Gear smart watch to the world on September 4 at the International Funkausstellung Show (IFA Show) in Berlin, Germany reported
The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch has caught many eyes in the tech world. states the Galaxy Gear only weighs 2.6 ounces, is 1.63 inches long, and is 11.1 millimeters thick. The smartwatch is similar to a smartphone due to the fact it can access and app store, text messages, e-mails, as well as answer phone calls.The Galaxy Gear also holds its own built in camera. The smartwatch has a variety of six colors for the wrist strap.
According to, Dong-Hoon Chang, Samsung’s head designer said, “You never know what’s going to happen in the future. For the time being of course, it will not be as big as the smartphone market, but maybe in the coming two to three years it will become quite sizable.”
Samsung said this gadget  will cost $299. AT&T and T-Mobile announced that when the watch is available for purchase, the Gear will only be compatible with the Note 3 that is also coming out on the same day. In the future it will work with the Galaxy S4 and previous Note 2. This new device will hit US and Japan stores in October while in other countries September 25th.
Recent data from Juniper Research says the new smartwatches will have only one million shipments. But in 2018, the sales will jump to 36 million purchases just in five years.
“With Gear, you’re able to make calls and receive calls without ever taking your phone out of your pocket,” Pranav Mistry, a member of Samsung’s design team, told reporters at the launch in Berlin ahead of the annual IFA consumer electronics show reports.