Women of Power: Kamala Harris


I think we’ve all heard of our first female, Black, Asian American, Indian American woman as a Vice President of the United States. Kamala Harris has had many accomplishments in her life so far, but she has had a struggle to get where she is now.

According to Brittanica.com, Kamala was born in Oakland, California. Her mother, the daughter of an Indian diplomat, was a cancer researcher, and her father, a Jamaican man, taught at Stanford University. Her sister, Maya, became a public policy advocate.

Kamala Harris is unlike any vice president who served before her—not just because she is a Black woman of South Asian ancestry—but also because she faces immense expectations that she is the favorite to replace Biden, says the Los Angeles Times after a couple of polls taken.

According to the Los Angeles Times poll, 49% percent of women are in favor of Kamala Harris while the other 44% are not, and even less men (37%) are in favor of Kamala Harris becoming president one day, leaving the dominating 57% of men taking charge of the poll.

“Some of Kamala Harris’ challenges, including the perception that she is not a central player in the administration, have bedeviled her predecessors to varying degrees, given that the No. 2 job requires deference,” stated the Los Angeles Times in an article.

“Others are unique to the nation’s first female vice president: Two men told a reporter outright that a woman should never be president; a third said she ‘cackles’ too much; a fourth called her ‘a joke,’ who was put in her job as ‘a trophy.’”

Another excerpt from the same article provides another view of our Vice President. “Mark St. Bernard, a 38-year-old social worker, who is Black, said, “it’s awesome that we have a Black vice president” and that it “could be a good thing” to have a female president.”

Unfortunately, Mark St Bernard seems to have a different view on the matter, as said in this statement: “‘But the Bible says, you know, the man is in charge, and I think that’s where, you know, I just don’t feel like a woman should be the president,’ said St. Bernard, who said he does not vote in presidential elections.

“He cited other unfounded stereotypes about emotional stability before shifting his reasoning. Other countries ‘won’t respect America if we have a female,’ he said.‘We kind of put our women equal. It should be like that in the

world but, in Afghanistan [and] Russia, they don’t, they still—primitive thinking, I guess.’”

In addition to that depressing truth, Trump supporters say that ‘she [Kamala] hasn’t done anything important, or anything at all’ and that she’s ‘nonexistent’. One supporter even said that they’ll give credit for what Biden’s done, but not for what she’s done.

But let’s focus on something different now. Kamala Harris earned a law degree in 1989 from Hastings College, says Brittanica.com, and worked as a district attorney, earning her tough reputation by prosecuting cases of sexual abuse, drug trafficking, and gang violence.

After winning the office of attorney general of California, Harris demonstrated political independence by rejecting President Obama’s request for her to settle a lawsuit against mortgage lenders for unfair practices.

According to Politico.com, Kamala Harris is a powerful woman who didn’t even want to be Biden’s Vice President until the other women were out, and when people refer to Harris as ‘the female Obama’ and ask her if she’s continuing Obama’s legacy, she replies with this:“I have my own legacy.”

This woman is an amazingly powerful one with loads of experience in the judicial branch and the law, and Kamala Harris, our Vice President, will continue to amaze and awe us, in more ways than one!