BYMS Student’s and Staff Choose Their Favorite Summer Activities and Treats

BYMS Students and Staff Choose Their Favorite Summer Activities and Treats

Most people’s favorite season is summer, so we went around campus asking people what their favorite things to eat and do are during summer. 

We first asked people what their favorite activities during summer were, 5 teachers and 13 students answered. Overall the beach was said the most with a little less than half of the people answering with the beach. Another common answer was swimming, with about 4 student votes. One of the most unique answers that we got was from Mr. Spoonhower, “ In the summer my favorite thing to do is hiking and paddleboarding.” 


The next question we asked was what people’s favorite ice cream flavors were. With 6 teachers and 13 students answering. The most common answer was mint chip with 6/19 votes. Chocolate and cookie dough were runner-ups to the most popular with 5 votes for chocolate and 3 for cookie dough. Overall many students and teachers have similar ice cream tastes. 


Lastly, we asked the students their favorite summer foods. In total 14 people answered, 4 teachers and 10 students. The two most common responses (frozen treats and fruit) tied with 4 votes each. With a tie, frozen treats and fruits both got 4 votes. The most interesting answer was from Vaughn, (a 7th-grade student) when he said tacos. Overall most answers were refreshing summer snacks and drinks.