Electric Car Mandate in California is Official by 2035

Electric Car Mandate in California is Official by 2035

Cars that run on gasoline emit harmful gasses to the environment, which is a leading cause of global warming. Due to Governor Gavin Newsom’s ban, the massive gasoline-powered car industry will no longer sell in California by 2035.

Gavin Newsom did not ban all gasoline cars from road use, but by 2035, they will no longer be sold in the state of California. The New York Times says, “35 percent of new cars and light trucks sold must be zero-emissions starting in 2026. That will increase to 68 percent in 2030, and to 100 percent in 2035.” This will not solve the problem of gas cars, but it will prevent it from worsening.

According to the Washington State Department of Ecology, environmentalists have been waiting to eliminate gasoline-burning vehicles that produce gasses like nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and benzene. These gasses negatively impact the environment because they trap heat on Earth. This is known as the greenhouse effect. 

Conserve Energy Future says that the greenhouse effect can drastically change the natural world by introducing unpredictable weather patterns and disasters by melting glaciers causing the ocean level to rise. Not only is wildlife at risk, but global warming threatens us, too.

Gas-powered vehicles are a major contributor to global warming because of their emissions and are so plentifully used worldwide. Fortunately, electric car sales are on the rise from popular automobile manufacturers such as Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen, says history-computer.com. Emission-free cars are becoming more popular in states such as California.

Many people weren’t bothered by driving gasoline cars until inflation pushed gas prices over an astonishing $6 in Southern California as of 2022. Vehicles that run on electricity don’t require gas, but need to be charged. The U.S. Department of Energy said, “…will cost about $6 to reach a full charge.” Compared to a $50-100 gasoline refill, charging is an incredibly cheap solution. Electric car companies are also finding ways to make their cars more affordable to buy.

It’s fortunate to see that people are making changes to help the world, instead of harming it. California is the first to establish a government mandate against gas cars, but it certainly won’t be the last.