Doja Cat Receives a Grammy with SZA for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance of the Year.

Doja Cat Receives a Grammy with SZA for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance of the Year.

During the 2022 Grammy’s event on April third, Doja Cat and SZA received an award for the best pop duo/group performance for this year. Doja Cat’s song “Kiss Me More,” featuring SZA, was one of the nominees for this category.


The other nominees for this category include Tony Benett and Lady Gaga’s “I Get a Kick Out of You,” Justin Bieber and Tony Blanco’s “Lonely,” BTS’ “Butter,”  and Coldplay for “Higher Power.”  


Previous to this event, SZA broke her leg falling, “out of bed while sleeping.” According to, SZA claims that she, “‘…fell very, very wrong, and it hurts, and I will be better soon. But I’m clumsy, so it’s ok.”  


As their accomplishment was being announced, Doja Cat rushed out of the bathroom, claiming she has, “‘… never taken such a fast (bathroom break) in my whole life.’” Along with this, SZA, who was on crutches, was assisted onto the stage by Lady Gaga, who was carrying her train. 


While on stage, Doja Cat expresses her feelings towards the award with her speech, “Thank you, everyone,” as she adjusts her dress. “I really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone: my family, my team; I wouldn’t be here without you, and I wouldn’t be here without my fans. And you know what, SZA… you are everything to me, you are incredible, you’re the epitome of talent. You are everything to me, and I need you, and I need you to say something, please give them something.” 


SZA also expresses her incredible gratitude in her speech, “Thank you Doja, thank you to my mama, thank you to God, and just thank you to all y’all. I’m glad you made it back in time!” After this, Doja Cat and SZA share an embrace, and Doja starts to get teary eyed. As Doja Cat cries on stage, SZA gives a heartwarming speech, “I uh…I like to downplay a lot of (things), but this is uh…it’s a big deal” as she cries, the crowd cheers her on for the Grammy. “ …thank you everyone, be safe, take care.” As they both walk off stage, the crowd gives a roaring cheer to their accomplishment.


Weeks later, the “Need to Know” singer announced her career as an artist is coming to an end, in a series of tweets. This was the effect of clashing with fans on social media.


After the event, singer Lil’ Nas X was seen pushing SZA in a wheelchair, later tweeting jokingly, “I am now SZA’s personal caretaker.” 


This Grammy was such a huge event for these stars, and will be remembered for years to come. Click this link to view the award.