People Flee Ukraine: What About Pets?

People Flee Ukraine: What About Pets?

As Russia invades Ukraine, many are leaving the country in an attempt to stay safe. Some grab a few belongings, others grab suitcases, but what about pets? These furry friends have no way to defend themselves against Russia’s attacks. 

According to, “Humane Society International (HSI) is providing emergency supplies such as pet food and blankets, as well as veterinary care and funding for many refugees in need.”  Along with this, many countries have let down on restrictions when it comes to letting animals across the border. 

Sadly, while many animals are being taken with their owners, some have to be left behind. According to, “Many animals left behind in Ukraine are in desperate need of food and medical attention.” Fortunately, there are a few “brave souls” that have “chosen to stay behind to care for animals in need, despite the risks involved.”

In Ukraine, streets are “blocked with heavy traffic as people attempt to flee,” states The Washington Post. The country is packed with people, their kids, and their pets, trying to flee. With plane flights blocked, it has become a lot harder for people to escape.

During these trying times, refugees are in need of severe help. Readers can reach out and help these pets (and their owners) in peril here: