Teens Across the World Have Been Accomplishing Outstanding Feats

Teens Across the World Have Been Accomplishing Outstanding Feats

While other 13-year-olds are looking for their lost shoe, these 13 year olds, Steffan Safey and Mike Safey, were searching to find shells and other small fossils. Instead, they ended up finding a new penguin species. According to Smithsonian Magazine, they thought they found a rusty propeller, but they were very wrong.

The brothers discovered the Kairuku Waewaeroa (KW), which means long legged in Maori language. The KW was alive about 27 to 34 million years ago, and towered over other penguin species at the height of 4’6”, according to treehugger.com.

To compare to the KW, Galapagos Penguins are about 19 to 25 inches. Also, Little Penguins are 1 to 2 feet, and the Emperor Penguin at 3 feet Steffan Safey said, “It’s sort of surreal to know that the discovery we made as kids so many years ago is contributing to academia today. And it’s a new species even!¨

For readers interested in learning more about the Kairuku Waewaeroa, go to thegaurdian.com to see a more in-depth picture of the fossils found.

Ben Cukier

As if these teens haven’t done enough already, a 17 year-old discovered a planet!

In the summer of 2019, Wolf Cukier, on his third day of being a NASA intern in Greenbelt, Maryland’s NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, discovered a planet almost seven times larger than Earth, “TOI 1338 b”, according to cnbc.com.

Wolf’s assignment was to look through what they had flagged in the data as an eclipsing binary.Wolf states, “I noticed a dip, or a transit, from the TOI 1338 system, and that was the first signal of a planet.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, a fun fact is the planet orbits two stars, just like Luke Skywalker’s home, Tatooine, according to bbc.com

To see a video of this planet discovered by Wolf Cukier, visit NASA Goddard, on YouTube.

Laura Dekker on her sailboat Guppy


Last but not least, another teen, 14 year-old Laura Dekker, sailed around the world solo in 2010.

It took Laura 17 months and 27,000 miles to sail around the world on her sailboat Guppy.Laura tried to sail at 13, but the Dutch government prohibited it.

This had always been a dream for Laura. In fact, she was born on a boat! According to nautica.news, she was born on the deck of a sailboat in New Zealand, and spent the first years of her life port to port.

Before she had gone on her trip, Laura and a director made a documentary. She filmed herself with a camera, documenting many things she did.

Laura successfully went around the world solo, leaving at 14, returning at 16. . She now has a foundation called the lauradekkerworldsailingfoundation.com. The foundation is about offering adventures to the youth with voyages for kids starting as young as 8-years-old. She is also a motivational speaker, professional captain, and author.

All these teens are motivational, inspiring, and amazing. They are just a reminder of the possibilities you can have if you set your mind to it.