Invasive Jorō Spiders in Georgia

Invasive Jorō Spiders in Georgia

Invasive Jorō spiders have taken to Georgia, quickly spreading around the state. This spider is originally from Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

Jorō spiders are orb-weaving spiders. “Mature females have yellow and dark blue stripes with red marks underneath.”, stated. A Female’s leg span can get up to 3 inches once mature.

Not only are these spiders big, but they make spectacular spider webs. The Jorō Spider’s webs have three layers. There is one basket-shaped web, with two flat webs on its sides. These webs are also golden when hit with sunlight, along with being very durable and elastic.

So far, these spiders have not been a great threat to the ecosystem. “I really doubt the ability of Jorōs to purposely kill birds, bats, lizards, or skinks,” ecologist Byron “Bud” Freeman, director of the Georgia Museum of Natural History, stated. They have been able to coexist with other orb-weaving spiders

As for if these spiders are dangerous to humans, “So other than standard arachnophobia—I’d say nothing to be afraid of,” states Freeman. While these spiders carry venom, it isn’t enough to harm humans.

Overall, while Jorō spiders are not native to the environment, they pose no major harm to the ecosystem or humans.