Mexico Bans All Animal Testings for Cosmetics

Mexico Bans All Animal Testings for Cosmetics


               Many people have been waiting for the day that the senate announces another country has outlawed animal testing for cosmetics… Mexico has made it official that they are joining the other 40 that have done so.! 

          As of August 2021, Mexico is the 1st country in North America, and the 41st country to ban animal testing for cosmetics. The Mexican senate unanimously approved a federal bill that forbade animal testing for cosmetics. 

         Sourced by, Studies show that under the new legislation, animal testing for cosmetic research is prohibited. That includes cosmetic ingredients and finished cosmetic products. 

         All of the ingredients in the products must be manufactured in labs that are 100% free of animal testing. This may limit consumers’ product selection, however, but it’s reducing the torture and cruelty of harmless creatures.          

           According to the Animal humane society, after animals get tested on, they get humanely euthanized, or they are used for more testing.   

           Some people believe that the new law was influenced by the Animal Humane Society’s animated short film “Save Ralph”. “Save Ralph” is an empathetic story with great animation and performances by an A-list multinational cast. The film has around  150 million social media views and over 730 million tags on TikTok.  It convinced over 1.3 million people to sign the petition for the new law in Mexico.  

    Along with the 41 countries that have banned cosmetic testing on animals, 10 states in Brazil, and 7 states in the U.S. have it outlawed. New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island are also on the verge of switching. 

      Mexico has done a great deed in saving many harmless animals from testing. Many other states in the US and other countries have banned it already and some are fighting to ban it right now.