PYLUSD President Karin Freeman Awarded the “Golden Gavel” Award


Karin Freeman, president of the PYLUSD district school board, has recently been selected as the “Golden Gavel” recipient in early September of 2021. 


The Golden Gavel awards is an award program that recognizes an “outstanding school board member” said by Mrs Perez of the district annually. As of 2021, Carrie Buck and the CSBAS recognized Mrs. Freeman for following her role and responsibilities through dignity and support (


Mrs. Freeman stated that ¨I was very surprised to receive this honor because I just do my best as a board member and don’t expect an award for what I do.¨ Mrs. Freeman stated. She did not expect herself to be awarded because there are many other capable individuals who serve as board members. Mrs. Freeman is gladly appreciated to be recognized by the California School Boards Associations which has been running for 90 years. ¨For me, the real honor has always been to serve the students in our district to the best of my ability.¨ Mrs. Freeman added. 


Mrs. Freeman is the current president of the PYLUSD school board. She has been a part of the PYLUSD school board since 1989. In her early life, she earned a bachelor’s degree in arts and political science at the University of California. She is also active in many civic organizations. Recently she was a part of the Yorba Linda Veterans Memorial Committee. She also earned other recognitions such as the 1990 Recipient of Honor, and the 2005 Marian Bergeson Award for being an “outstanding Board Member in Orange County” according to the biography


 The Golden Gavel awards, presented by the CBSA’S recognize and award a board member and governance team each year. Some eligibility criterias include being a part of the school board of education and being a current CBSA member. It is not allowed for previous school board members to be a part of the Golden Gavel awards as well as CBSA’S officers and district directors.  


 Mrs. Freeman advised readers to always try new things and to not hesitate taking risks.“Don’t stop learning. Life should be filled with it. Don’t stop working hard at whatever you choose to do. And don’t stop asking questions.” She also suggests getting involved in events and activities because it can benefit in making new friends and discovering something new about themselves.