Apple AI Glasses: Functionality Meets Fantasy


Apple is releasing a number of new products in the coming years, but these new AI glasses can change the world. Just like Apple Watches and Airpods, these new glasses are meant to be synced with an iPhone.

The company has taken out many patents on AI and smart lens technology. Facebook has hooked up with Ray Bands to make their own form of AI glasses. In 2013, Google came out with smart glasses but a short 2 years later they were pulled from the market due to privacy issues and a clunky design.

Nowadays, Google Glass is used in the medical field, most of the time in surgery or skill labs. The glasses are also used to help kids with Autism. Furthermore, Google Glasses are used in engineering classes so students can visualize what they are working on. Apple and Facebook’s glasses are going to be marked for the public. 

As seen with other first-generation Apple devices, Apple glass will be priced around $500 dollars. Apple is trying to create a slim design for these glasses, some there will be the bare minimum of technology in the glasses themselves. The glasses are said to look like normal prescription glasses. 

There are going to be many cool features within the glasses. One feature is rumored to change the color of the owner’s eyes. Another cool feature is only the person wearing the glasses can see what is going on. Apple is planning on not only having the basics of a phone but a third-party app store. Apple Glass could have a special type of lens so the owner can change the lens to their prescription, therefore eliminating regular eyeglasses.    

These glasses are going to drop sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. The company is due to announce Apple Glass before its release.