Pentagon Confirms UFO Sighting is Real

Pentagon Confirms UFO Sighting is Real

The US Defense Department has officially confirmed that the leaked photos and video of “unidentified aerial phenomena”  taken in 2019 are indeed genuine images of unknown flying objects according to

“Multiple sightings of UFOs have been seen throughout the years, but one, in particular, has been reported to be an eye-opener to the Pentagon,” states The Pentagon has recently established a triangular sighting from a Navy Pilot in 2019 to be real. This sighting was unlike the others as it showed lights repeatedly flashing and, getting such a picture in today’s time, would be practically impossible due to limited technology and resources. 

According to, UFO sightings have been recorded since 1947. Many of these sightings have been hoaxes to either get famous or rich. Kenneth Arnold was reportedly the first person to see a UFO while he was flying his small plane. He described it as, “saucers skipping on water” That same year, another man found the wreckage of some type of ship that looked like a UFO. However, the U.S. Military determined it was just a weather balloon but newspapers from 1947 said otherwise.

Another UFO sighting was in Silicon Valley, displaying an acorn-shaped flying object soaring across the sky, caught on video. Though there have been many, this one had the best quality. This particular sighting displayed a triangular object flashing and flying through the sky. Many others have been divergent in the way they were shaped and moved. UFO sightings have varied and changed over the years. With this sighting being the latest one, it gives people of our time a new perspective and way to think about other life that’s out there.

Through the multiple sightings, hoaxes, and remakes of these UFOs, the Pentagon was able to approve one of the most remarkable sightings in history.