Gardening Helps to Relieve Stress During Quarantine


Covid-19 has caused stress upon people. A ways to get rid of that stress is by gardening. Not just as a stress reliever, but also as a hobby or just for fun.


People have been gardening for many years. There are people that go to work every day and never had the time for that but now with people stuck at home with Covid, it can be something new to try out. According to  “Now with many people working from home, gardening can be a source to rely on.”


According to “Recent studies have found that school-aged children who participated in outdoor activities had better vision than those that spent the majority of their time indoors. Children that engage in nature and gardening are more focused, score better on exams, and are less likely to develop or exhibit symptoms of ADHD. And kids who play outside and get a bit dirty also have stronger immune systems.” Which can be useful during times like these. 


According to, Gardening is anti-stress relief. “The anti-stress effects of green nature are mediated by the autonomic nervous system. They include lowering of HR and BP as well as cortisol levels.” This means that the brain of a human finds the green nature scenery relaxing. Which can help relieve stress. 


“The hobby of gardening grew a lot in popularity during this pandemic.” according to I’ve had more people than ever noware saying, “Hey, I need to learn how to grow my own food and how do I go about doing that?”


“Science has proven that gardening is good for you” according to, “If you have a garden or outdoor space, then you have a place that you can use to maintain your health and well being.” It is already well known by scientists that gardening helps you stay stable and helps with just your well-being which a lot of people need during this time. 


People may not have a back or front yard suitable for in-ground gardens. There are pot plants that allow people to grow their plants without a yard. These pots can hang from the ceiling, in a window with sunlight, or anywhere else the sunlight hits. 


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