Woman Discovers An Extremely Rare Kitten Crying in Dumpster

Woman Discovers An Extremely Rare Kitten Crying in Dumpster

It was the end of another regular long workday, and the woman couldn’t wait to get home as she locked up the shop. Unbeknownst to her, there was still one more thing waiting to be taken cared of. A strange, quiet squeal made her stop and listen as she made her way across the parking lot, and it didn’t take long for her to locate the source of the tiny whines: the dumpster.


She hurried over to investigate, and in moments a one-week-old kitten was rescued and fished out from inside the dumpster. A close inspection of the feline’s rough shape confirmed that its first seven days in the world has not been an easy one. “The kitten was not in good shape. It was just seven days old and blind, and it had a broken leg and an injured paw. It was helpless,” Rebbekah Wiltons wrote in kiwireport. The condition in which the kindly woman found the kitten deemed it hard to tell the breed, but she was quite certain that the little kitten is a calico, whom she named Martyr.


As unbelievable as it seems, fate has brought Martyr to someone with experience of caring for a newborn kitten, ronproject maintains. She believes that the kitten, though no bigger than the palm of her hand, suffers from a broken leg and a paw infected with gangrene. Aware of Martyr’s many injuries, the woman wasted no time in bringing it to a veterinarian for treatment.


After a careful examination by the veterinarian, it was confirmed that Martyr is indeed a calico, which is actually a pretty rare breed. “A sought after breed”, as ronproject puts it, with beautiful orange and black patterning all over their white fur. Veterinarian Dr. Andrea Berger highlights this when she exclaims in Animal Channel, “It’s like a unicorn! I’ve been involved with shelters for 10 years, and I have never seen one.”


According to honesttopaws, a course of treatment was then prescribed for the kitten, and the woman realized that her timing has been truly remarkable — Martyr probably wouldn’t have survived in just a few hours.


Martyr’s broken leg has been set during the treatment and in the process of recovery, but unfortunately, the gangrene that infected his paw had already set in and the vet had to remove his paw to prevent it from spreading. The tiny kitten started to regain its strength after days of bottle feeding, medication, and some tender loving care.


The surprise didn’t stop here, however. In addition to the discovery of the kitten’s rare breed, the veterinarian examining Martyr soon revealed that there is something even more unique about it — it turns out that Martyr is a male calico cat. “In every 3,000 calico cats, roughly one is a boy. That is one tiny percentage! So, Martyr is truly a rare little guy,” Ana Luisa Suarez explained in littlethings. Martyr’s rare gender made the woman’s surprise discovery all the more extraordinary.  


Colored patches on cats were determined by the X chromosome in their DNA, which results in orange and black fur, such as the patterning on Martyr’s body. Veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Primm of Tennessee, a specializer in small animals, illustrates why male calicos are so rare in Animal Channel: “A male cat, who has only one X chromosome, the two colors are not able to express in this way. In fact, for a male cat to carry and express both these colors, he must have a genetic rarity known as Klinefelter syndrome. Klinefelter males have an extra X chromosome, so their genetic map is XXY. Because of the presence of the two X chromosomes, Klinefelter males can appear calico.”


Whereas Martyr was a bit afraid of his rescuer in the beginning, he soon became comfortable in her care and was finally gaining weight after gulping down bottles of milk. According to kiwireport, the woman seems to feel a special connection with the kitten and decided to keep it for her own instead of taking it to a shelter to be rehomed. Martyr grew bigger as the days passed and was soon settled into his new home.


In 2017, the woman’s niece started posting a collection of Martyr’s photographs on Imgur behind the username of Vodkaholy. The kitten “was a huge hit and managed to win over the Internet” with just a few posts,  kiwireport observed. “In fact, Martyr soon built up its very own fan base, and users were constantly checking in with Vodkaholy to see whether the kitten was getting stronger and whether it was enjoying its new life with the woman.”