Lioness Sees the Man Who Saved Her Life After 7 Years Apart: Nobody Expected Such Reaction


Lions are given the title of “Kings of the Jungle” for a reason. With their lethal claws, razor-sharp teeth, massive size, and weight that can go up to 500 pounds, it is no surprise that these ferocious felines should come at the top of the food chain.


This knowledge, however, was not enough to hinder those who decided to approach the cages of these brutal predators and get up close to them every single day. A lion trainer who dedicated his heart and soul to raise and rescue animals, Adolfo is no doubt one of those people. “Although there are not many details regarding the mysterious Adolfo, we do know he rescued the seemingly fierce lioness in Mexico, when she was just a small cub,” stated Sports Retriever.


After rescuing the lioness, Adolfo named the cub Kiara in honor of The Lion King movie character and brought her to a wild animal reservation where he helped raise and train her. While Kiara was named after The Lion King character, her name also means “God’s precious gift” in Hindi and signifies “bright” in Italian. “All of these meanings summed up exactly what this baby cub meant to him,” Gail Preston wrote in Gadgetheory.


Kiara was just an innocent, fluffy little cub when rescued, “too cute to give Adolfo the creeps of carrying her in his arms”, as Rita Kumar illustrates in her slideshow. It seems, from the way Kiara looked at Adolfo as he cradled her in his arms, as if she was trying to communicate with him through her eyes. From that day onward, Adolfo considered himself to be Kiara’s “adoptive father”, tending to all her needs and bonding with her as if she was his own.

Knowing that Kiara will soon mature into a powerful lioness one day, Adolfo is fully aware that she may find her way into the wilderness without ever throwing a look at him, as Rita Kumar puts it. Still, Adolfo invested a good deal of his time with the cub and a strange bond started to develop between the two.


Before he knew it, Kiara had progressed from cub to an adult, and it became clear that the facilities offered at the wild animal sanctuary is no longer suitable for the growing lioness. According to Gadgetheory, Adolfo made the heartbreaking decision to move Kiara to the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico City for her well-being, where she can be with others of her kind.


As such, Kiara and Adolfo parted ways, though Adolfo was certain that he would be reunited with his adoptive daughter someday. Being from different species did nothing to deter Adolfo bonding deeply with Kiara, Sports Retriever maintained. Even Kiara seems sad about being separated.


“Luckily for Kiara, there were a number of other big cats at the facility, so she had her paws full with different friends to roam around with and chase on any given day,” Honest to Paws reported. Despite this, it seems that to the young lioness, nothing could truly replace her old companion.


Finally, Adolfo decided to visit his adopted daughter. As specified in Gadgetheory, many believed that the lioness, now a full-grown and gorgeous lioness in comparison to the cute cuddly cub Adolfo remembered, would have forgotten all about him. Still, Adolfo remained confident that their bond would prevail.


According to Sports Retriever, the trainers were worried for Adolfo’s safety, for who could predict a wild animal’s reaction? They warned Adolfo that going inside the park may not be such a great idea. After all, Kiara is now a full grown lioness, a ferocious predator, a danger to anyone in close proximity. The staff at the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation gathered apprehensively to witness Kiara’s reaction in being reunited with her adoptive father.


“As Adolfo approached Kiara’s enclosure, the skeptical lioness seemed hesitant,” Rita Kumar wrote in her slideshow, “ She didn’t know what was going on.” Tilting up her nose, Kiara’s confusion escalates as she discovers that the smell seems familiar. All of a sudden, the familiarity of Adolfo’s voice aroused Kiara’s memories instantly, and Kiara seems to forget that she belonged to the wild momentarily.          


No sooner has her cage door been unlocked when Kiara dashed through the air toward Adolfo and tackled him to the ground. The lethal lioness was all over the surprised Adolfo as she hugged him as though she were still the cuddly little cub Adolfo had raised. The touching moment of reunion lasted for long minutes in which the two stayed glued together and Kiara “bit his face and pants in the most loving way, clutching him to her with her paws and feet,” according to Sports Retriever.

As can be imagined, the staff at the Black Jaguar was shocked and amazed by the reunion, and there was not a dry eye on the scene. The two have been filmed during the touching moment of reunion, and the video posted on The Black Jaguar-White Tiger social media account has since gone viral.