January 2021 Brings Highs and Lows to the Start of the Year


As the first month of 2021 comes to an end, California has experienced highs and lows from deadly shootouts to the lifting of shutdown orders.

PS4’s will start to be discontinued, in other words, producers will no longer be creating them. According to ‘tom’s guide’, the PS4 will no longer be made because it seems everyone is interested in the ‘next-gen’ console.

Gavin Newsom has given California nine new laws and has lifted the COVID-19 Lockdown. California is closing youth prisons because they can’t take any more prisons. The only ones they can take are the serious offenders. The second big one is California businesses must report Covid outbreaks, so you know it does not continue to spread. And the last big one is that they are thinking about hiring ex-convicts as firefighters. The other laws talk about taxes and Covid Not really that big of a deal for us kids. 

In other news, the Deputy of Sacramento, California died with a fellow K-9. Reports say that it was a fatal shootout after the cops asked a driver to stop. It resulted in the death of the Deputy, a K-9, and one injured officer.

It is with a heavy heart That Larry King has sadly passed away. They will be remembered by adults for the ‘Larry King Live,’ kids will remember him from ‘Begging Bee Larry King.’ No matter how you remember him, he will always be a “legend.” Rest in peace Larry King, you will never be forgotten.